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Standing Rules

1) No local guests are allowed.
2) Club dress code is to be strictly followed.
3) Children below 18 years are not allowed inside the club except restaurant & gymnasium.
4) Club closing hour is 11.30pm, except housie day or any club program.
5) Persons refused admission to the club or expelled from the club are not to be introduced as visiting guests and are not allowed to attend any party.
6) Members children must possess club ID card for use of the club health center.
7) Diplomats, foreign national, tm, splm, associate and df members are not allowed to introduce guests.
8) No food, snack or beverage is allowed to be consumed at the club reception.
9) Fire arms even with valid license, ammunition; deadly weapons are not to be carried inside the club.
10) Members whose names are posted on the notice board for non-payment of dues are debarred from any use of the club.